Here’s What People Are Saying about Robyn Benson


Dr. Robyn Benson is one of the most passionate speakers and doers I have ever encountered and the audience really feels the authenticity and energy Robyn transmits in everything she does. Her relentless passionate giving to others has made her an outstanding part of North America’s Health Revolution.Robyn is vitaly and effectively involved in improving the health of thousands of people forthe past 2 decades. Robyn has made it her life’s work to educate people about how to step it up with smarter choices and provides people everywhere with the know-how, tools and resources to impact their lives.

Allie Ochs, President of MediConsult
Oakville, Ontario Canada

Dr. Robyn Benson, I am writing to thank you for the treatment the other day. The whole experience of seeing you was remarkably friendly and warm. Just what a healing center should be! I’ve been to many such places, and I have to say, your hearts and kindness comes soaring through. As a ‘stranger’ coming from out of town, and then not feeling very well at all, I couldn’t really express my gratitude to you. Thank you for introducing me to something new and a bit ‘scary’ – the Myers Cocktail – with great care and finesse.  I feel fantastic. I have to say I have never recovered so quickly, and now, days later I feel remarkably well.
Amara Charles
Internationally Renowned Sex and Intimacy Expert

I wish there were more doctors like Dr. Benson. She has a powerful message that needs to be heard by everyone, and when she speaks, she speaks from the heart. Her experience, wisdom, and warmth could turn America’s health crisis around if we could only clone her.
Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski
The Hypothyroid Diet

Robyn is one of the outstanding experts in integrative medicine in the U. S., and she has spread her wisdom worldwide.
Larry Dossey, MD
International Bestselling Author

I am blessed to have known Robyn Benson for over twenty years. Our paths first crossed while working in a restaurant while Robyn studied acupuncture and I early childhood. I’ve known her as a friend and colleague and admiringly looked on as she expanded her already full life into the roles of wife and mother.
Robyn Benson, DOM is an outstanding leader in her field, constantly seeking out new cutting-edge technologies to add to her acupuncture practice. In addition to being the founder of Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health, (a healing center which is homebase for 25 wellness practitioners), she is also the creator of the Self-Care Revolution-a movement created to change the face of health care in our country. Though Robyn has interviewed thousands of movers and shakers in the health and wellness field, she herself deserves to be honorably mentioned as one of the amazing women of New Mexico who work tirelessly to leave a tremendously healing legacy to our world.
Harmony Rose West
Wellness Coach and Educator

Like so many of us, I have had numerous food sensitivities and terrible digestive issues.  Upon exhausting my own research and trying other modalities, I decided to pursue acupuncture with Robyn Benson, DOM.  Not only is Santa Fe Soul a lovely healing sanctuary, but I was impressed with Robyn from my first appointment.  I really got the feeling she was going to be my ally in helping me with my health challenges; referring to herself as a “sleuth,” determined to uncover what I needed.  I immediately felt a strong bond with Robyn, trusting and feeling confident I was going to get better! Wow, what a blessing!
So within a couple of months, I am happy to share that I feel better than I have in years!  I almost forgot what  ”healthy” feels like and the best part is that all treatments are natural and compatible with the body.  Feeling so grateful that I was lead to Robyn and all the healers at Santa Fe Soul.

I recently started acupuncture with Robyn Benson, D.O.M. for a torn calf muscle. Because I am an owner of a fitness facility, it is imperative that I maintain the health of my body and be able to move without pain. I was shocked to find that after a mere 10 days, my calf was nearly healed. I was able to return to my exercise routine fully-even jumping! I had been told by my doctor that it could take up to three or four weeks to heal, so I was truly amazed. I also had the benefit of maintaining a calmer peace of mind, and a more balanced nervous system. I do not feel as edgy, and frankly feel that I have truly achieved good health. I cannot recommend Robyn enough, she can work miracles. What a bonus!
Keira Newton
Torn Calf Muscle Patient

Dr. Robyn, I want to let you know the progress on my arm since you gave me the Prolozone shot at the TeslaTech conference 7/13. The injury to my arm happened in 1996 during softball season. I was living in Saudi Arabia and on a team playing outfield. After the shot, the tingling lasted for approximately ten days. My arm now is like it was before I injured it playing softball 17 years ago. I don’t have any pain in it when lifting heavy items. My arm never stopped hurting until you gave me the shot. Simply, a miracle and a word I rarely use.
Mark Stiers

Robyn is a gifted healer and a passionate champion for wellness. Robyn’s wise and practical advice and treatments have helped me live my busy speaking and traveling life with excellent health.

Michael J Gelb
International Bestselling Author of How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci and Brain Power

My name is Nellie Corriz. I am 77 years young. For a long period of time I have had problems with my knees. I had my knees checked and was told that my knees were bone on bone and needed two knee replacements. I always needed to have a cane available as very often I had problems walking. I scheduled surgery for knee replacements. In the meantime, I heard about Dr. Robyn Benson and prolozone therapy. I was a little hesitant, but I gave Dr. Benson a call and went in for the prolozone injections. After receiving the injections, my pain is gone and I have saved myself from two knee replacements. I strongly recommend Dr. Robyn Benson and prolozone therapy.

Nellie Corriz
77 Years Old Patient Who Avoided Knee Surgery

I have just had the pleasure of reconnecting with Dr. Robyn Benson after 12 years. 12 years ago she saved my life. I had a herniated disk in my lower back that was pressing on my sciatic nerve. I was only 39 at the time and in constant agonizing pain. The MRI said I should have surgery, and it just did not seem like an option for me. I went through three months of Chiropractics and then I found Robyn, not only did she rapidly get the pain in control, it only took two sets of injections down my leg and to my astonishment after months the pain was completely gone. It has been 12 years and I have never had sciatic nerve pain since. I am dealing with a host of other problems now and I am so glad to have found Robyn again because I know she will help me.
Patricia Spangenburg Boyle
Herniated Disk Patient

A year ago I became concerned with my memory. I was studying vedic chant and I tried to learn these chants by heart. However hard I tried, I could not fix them in my memory. Having learnt five languages, I found this inability scary. My doctor diagnosed a slow thyroid and started me on thyroid medication. I had many of the symptoms, from dry skin to constipation, hair loss, anxiety, sleeplessness and the inability to remember well. I noticed that my creative energy was also affected and as an artist this made me unhappy. A close friend suggested Dr. Robyn Benson DOM, so I decided to try acupuncture at Santa Fe Soul Center for Optimal Health.
Within 2 weeks, to my huge delight and surprise, I felt “normal” again and all symptoms of a slow thyroid left! It is a huge gift to feel so well, positive and healthy once more and I bless the herbs and ancient chinese medical methods that restored me. Especially I thank Dr. Robyn Benson for her wonderful ability to bring my body back to normal function. Health is the greatest gift.
Ramona Mitchell

Before I went to see Dr Benson, my knee had been hurting so bad it would wake me up in the middle of the night. I had stopped doing all the activities that I loved, even walking the dogs was agony. After my first prolozone treatment I was 100 percent better, I was able to sleep through the night and I have resumed doing all the things I love. After my second treatment I have been pain free for 6 weeks.”
Prolozone Therapy Patient

I am a 42-year-old working mother of two young children who exercises regularly.  Six months ago my annual bloodwork showed that I was borderline diabetic, despite having otherwise enviable lab results in all other areas.  My physician believes the disease was likely brought on by excessive stress.  I was shocked by the diagnosis and vehemently opposed to taking medicine to keep the diabetes from progressing.  Instead, I chose to treat with Dr. Benson, who provided a comprehensive plan to address my stress and high blood sugar levels through acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  Six weeks after beginning my treatment with her, my blood sugar levels are equivalent to those of a non-diabetic.
I was impressed with Dr. Benson’s spot-on assessment of my health needs and treatment plan to restore my health.  In addition, I especially appreciate how quickly Dr. Benson was able to pinpoint my most significant stressors and to develop management solutions for those stressors.  I will continue to treat with her with the goal of never becoming an insulin-dependent diabetic.

Tracy Hoffman
42 Year Old Working Mother of Two


“I am forever grateful to Dr. Robyn Benson for literally curing my drop foot and also resolving a kidney stone. Life changing! Dr. Benson is my go to doc for any health challenge I have.  Thank you Dr. Benson, and for your help most recently with my right shoulder.  It is much better.”

Wilbert Ryan
Drop Foot/Kidney Stone Patient



“When I came to Robyn Benson’s Santa Fe Soul clinic I was suffering from a wide and seemingly unrelated series of health issues ranging from low testosterone to whiplash to adrenal fatigue to heavy metal toxicity (which I did not know I had until she suggested a simple blood test.) Robyn and her staff helped me piece the puzzle together, get me the appropriate treatments all under one roof and transform my health in one short year. I highly recommend Santa Fe Soul to anyone with acute, chronic or complex health issues, and anyone over 40 who wants to stay vital.”

James Kennedy